Myths and legends


Posted on 14 October, 2020
Myths and legends


 flor del sol eguzkilore colgante



After a long time without writing to you, today I felt the need inside to go far to find that presence from which the words emanate directly from the heart. Noticing the fine sand stuck under my feet and rocked by the soft whisper of the waves of Yemaya I have taken my notebook and my pen and I let myself go.

They have been months of very intense experiences, of fears and uncertainties, where life has forced us to stop and seclude ourselves as hermits in our little caves of the soul. And it is precisely about this cave that I want to talk to you today.

There is a Goddess called Amalur (Mother Earth of Basque mythology) who is found in the hidden depths of the earth. She is the womb from which everything emanates, she is the creative source of life and the habitation of all living beings in this world.

Ancient legends tell that in the interior of the earth there are incredible treasures, that although the human being persists in finding and taking over, they always become unattainable. That is why caves are like access thresholds to Mother Earth and even today the ancient custom of making offerings to AMA-LURRA in caves and chasms persists.

It is when we enter the virgin cave on the side of a mountain or in our own inner cave, where in the silence we notice with more intensity the presence of Amalur, that connection with us, with Mother Nature and with the Whole.

Amalur is also the creator of the sun, the moon and the “Eguzkilore” (“Carlina acaulis” as is called in its Spanish scientific name) or “flower of the sun”, this beautiful flower that, as its name says when you contemplate it, reminds you of it because “the legend of the Eguzkilore”says that the Goddess made this beautiful flower like the sun to protect men from the creatures of the night. That is why the Eguzkilore is a protective amulet since ancient times that is placed on the doors of houses.

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