Nature and symbols

Ancestral Wisdom and the power of plants

Posted on 21 November, 2018
Nature and symbols


Since ancient times, women collected plants and flowers for therapeutic uses, for rituals, to decorate their bodies … They were sorceresses or magicians, wise women who had a deep knowledge of their environment. They knew the secrets of nature, the power of plants and how each phase of the lunar cycle, the seasons, affected them.

In a time when we are so disconnected from nature, learning about this ancient knowledge can bring us closer to it and help us consciously recover the wisdom of our ancestors. This interest in plants and the natural world from its sacred vision, I feel that it comes from our mother and her Celtic origins. As children she taught us to see the beauty and secret mystery in a pineapple, a leaf or a flower. Hence also our name “Neraidas” which comes from Nereidas and are the nymphs that represent the spirit of nature and that which is invisible to the eyes but visible to the heart.

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