We are Gemma and Rachel,
Sisters and creators of Neraidas. Restless, multifaceted and dreamy. Since childhood we have been very closed, sharing many of our hobbies in the world of art. We both studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and at the same time we also explored the world of music in several common projects.

In 2013 Neraidas was born and we developed our own technique that fuses resin and jewelry, also using blown glass and other materials to create micro worlds with the elements of nature. We have worked and learned these techniques in a self-taught way to create an artistic language of our own.


I have always enjoyed dancing, painting, singing, disguising and playing with shapes and colors. Exploring all artistic ways to express myself.

Since I was small I love making ephemeral bracelets with flowers, my dream was to be a designer. I had my boxes of treasures found in nature and a secret trunk with all my costumes and jewels. Every day I wondered how many stars there were in the sky and how big the universe was. I could spend hours fascinated watching how an ant lives in its tiny world or how a butterfly picks nectar from a flower. My weekends in the mountains during my childhood were a magical gift that allowed me to explore and play freely in nature with other children.

Before dedicating myself to Neraidas, I gave workshops for children on Art and Creativity for several years, I took a Postgraduate Degree in Art Therapy from the University of Girona and later I worked with people with disabilities. I like to explore on my own and everyday I continue to discover more and more. I have attended yoga, meditation and personal growth workshops. I recently traveled to Ireland where I had an experience in an organic farm with a native family. I learned to grow my own food and enjoyed the satisfaction of working and feeling the earth so closely.

“I enjoy the little things in life,
the simplest. A bike ride through the woods,
a tea with mint accompanied by a good book
or watching a sunset “


From my childhood I felt the need to communicate through the shapes and colors, an ancient language older than the word itself. The pencil and the brush were for me the first tools of connection with the world and the shelter of my soul. That space of light, peace and silence where I could be myself and could continue cultivating until today, that curious girl, awake, eager to learn and explore the world around her.

Another of my passions was to do experiments and invent things. I spent hours creating magical gadgets like flying saucers, mobiles with cutouts, and articulated paper puppets. Later music and writing came into my life. I enjoyed singing, experimenting with the sounds of a keyboard to create melodies, listening to music, dancing, writing small stories and poems. So I opened to the world slowly and I connected with what I am.

I always felt very close to Nature. As a child I enjoyed long walks in the woods with my mother and I marveled at the flowers, the pineapples, the leaves of the trees and the wild fruits. She was the first to convey to me her most sacred value.
I had a collection of minerals and I loved to collect polished colored sea glasses on the beach shore and keep them in my treasure box.

My great-grandmother, who was also my angel, gave me a small old button with flowers preserved within it, which always accompanies me and still fascinates me when I look at it.

I traveled to different countries around the world and at age 17 I went to America, where the experiences that I lived there enriched me deeply and sowed in me the seed of transformation during the years to come.

I have traveled on several occasions on the Camino de Santiago, which has taught me to be patient and to know how to flow with life without clinging to the material.

In the final project I investigated in depth on the feminine and its connection with the water, presenting a series of mixed pictures with water women inspired by the literary character of Shakespeare Ophelia in Hamlet, using for the first time a material similar to resin to emulate the aqueous effect, something that would later contribute to Neraidas.

Parallel to the visual facet, I have worked as a solo singer in various groups and taught singing lessons in schools, until I dedicated myself completely to Neraidas.


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