Blowing Dreams

Posted on 30 May, 2017


Spring arrives and the dandelion flowers of our garden are transformed into seeds. Many of them will travel in the wind and will spread through the earth creating new plants for a second spring.

There are certain truths that children know and forget about when we grow up. The magic of dandelion is one of these secrets of nature.
Its seeds are a treasure to children’s eyes and also to those who still retain their spirit.

Its magical form is a radial explosion that fascinates and captivates. A gift of nature that becomes ephemeral and fragile in our hands, symbolizing each seed a desire, an illusion, a dream to realize that we blow with force to be fulfilled.

Dandelion is also associated with letting the imagination fly away, without ties, without prejudice. That place where everything is possible and only we put the limits.

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