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    For any enquiry related to this shop, order management and shipments you can contact us through our contact form by selecting the "store" option. Remember that we have a FAQ list that will help you to solve many of your questions.

    You can also contact us using the form to request information about custom orders, or if you are a profesional and want to distribute our designs, as well as for collaborations.



    National Shipping

    When will I receive my order?
    The delivery time can vary between 2-4 working days. We prepare your order in 1-2 days and we send it by courier with the 24-48 hour service

    If you need a 2 working days express delivery, leave us a note at the time of the purchase to take it into account.

    How do I know the status of my order?
    You will receive an email notifying you of the preparation of your order and another one when it has been sent. We also provide the tracking number so you can localte the package any time.

    How can I know when I will receive my order?
    Usually once we have sent your order, the delivery company sends you an sms to the telephone number that you have provide us, which informs you of the delivery time. In case that at the time of delivery there is no one at home, they leave a note in the mailbox so you can arrange a new delivery with them.

    International Shipping

    Do you ship outside Spain?
    We ship all over the world, just select your country at the time of the purchase.

    We ship by registered mail to Europe, USA and the rest of the world.
    Shipments to South America are only made with express delivery through DHL since normal delivery times are very long (2-3 months)

    What are the delivery times for international orders?
    Once the order has been sent:
    Normal certified mail
    Europe: 1 week approx.
    USA / Canada: 2-3 weeks approx.
    Rest of the world: 3-4 weeks approx.

    DHL Express Shipping
    Europe: 3-4 working days
    USA / Canada: 4-5 working days
    South America: 7-8 working days
    Rest of the world: 3-6 working days
    (Not usual, but in some cases there may be some delays for retentions under custom controls outside Europe).

    Payment Methods

    What payment methods can I use?
    You can pay by credit / debit card, with Paypal or by bank transfer.

    How do I make the payment by bank transfer?
    Contact us and we will send you the transfer data. Please note that this payment method selected may take a few days before the amount is credited in our account and we are ready to send your order.


    How can I make a return or exchange of an item?

    If for some reason you want to return or change your order, write us to our contact section. We accept returns within 14 days after making the purchase. Make sure the product is in perfect conditions and wrapped in its original packaging.

    Once you contact us we will arrange the return or exchange. As soon as we receive the returned item, you can choose between exchange or refund.

    If you want to change the item by another, it must be the same price or higher, adding the cost of the new shipment.

    If you choose the refund, it will be issued by the system that you used to make the payment of the item. Please note that shipping costs are not refundable unless you have received a defective item or by mistake.

    Neraidas Designs

    How should I take care and clean the pieces?

    Keep away from chemicals
    Do not to expose the pices to chemicals or alcohol-based products such as perfume, hair spray, cleaning products or acetone.

    To clean metal chains and bases you can use a clean metal suede that you can buy in jewelry or costume jewelry establishments. It can also be useful for cleaning sterling silver.

    If the surface of the resin becames dull over time, use a clean cloth-glasses to regain the original brightness. To clean the glass, nothing better than using a some cleaner-glass on a dry cloth.

    Keep away from moisture
    Try to keep your jewel in a place away from moisture.Do not have showers with it, or leave it in the bathroom.

    Protect from direct sunlight
    Ecological resin parts should be kept away from extreme heat sources. They are durable and resistant but you have to take care of not overheating the parts. We use high quality resin resistant to UV, but to avoid light loss of color it is recommended not to expose during a prolonged time to direct sunlight. We recommend that you do not sunbathe with them.

    Separate your jewelry from sharp objects to avoid cuts and scratches. Keep the pieces separately so they do not scratch. It is advisable to save them in their original gift box. If you have a self-closing cellophane bag for storage, you will be able to keep them completely away from the external factors: air, sun and humidity.

    Other factors
    Other factors that can influence the oxidation of metals such as silver or bronze is the pH of each skin, the contact with body creams, chlorine, hair products or perfumes. Take care of your jewelry especially in summer.

    How are jeyels made?

    We work artisanally in the assembly and creation of the pieces. We design the prototypes and make the silicone molds for the eco resin pieces, pour the resin using some resin layering techniques, coloring the resin with special resin dyes and embediing the organic inclusions previously treated and dried for several weeks. This process takes several days. We grind and polish the pieces by hand to achieve a glossy and smooth finish to the touch. Finally we make the assembly and we link together the piece.

    Is everything you use real? The flowers, the algae, the plants …?

    The vast majority of the materials we use to create our jewelry are natural and carefully collected by us in our gardens or directly from nature. Only some specific models are made with drawings, images or miniatures in which they are specified. An example of this is our designs with images of butterflies, always trying to be respectful with the environment.


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