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This crystalline ring inspired by the ocean carries in its interior a snail, a shell, a river pearl and a red algae that we have collected on the beaches of the Costa Brava. A marine treasure designed with a transparent turquoise resin dial and finished in 925 silver, adaptable to the finger. The ecological resin we use is a material with a texture and resistance very similar to amber and has the ability to preserve forever the elements of nature.

The ring sphere is firmly sealed to its base in a completely durable way over time. It stands out for its natural beauty and its incredible color that reminds of clean and crystal clear waters.

Limited edition

  • Ring

    14mm adjustable

  • Metal

    sterling silver 925

  • Color


  • You will receive all our designs presented in a special gift box + postcard with the meaning + signature and dedication of the designers.
  • The piece you will receive may be slightly different from the images displayed, as it is made by hand and how nature itself there are no two equal.
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The sea breeze, the hair mixed with sand and salt, the tickling of the algae under my feet … The water invites to open the heart and to flow like the waves of the sea.

The sea is the symbol of the origin of life, everything comes out of it and returns to it; it is the place of birth, transformation and rebirth.

It connects us with our emotions and with intuition. It is the awakening of a loving and expressive phase.

The clean and turquoise waters also communicate calm, freshness, purity and invigorating power.

Seaweed and sea sponges are related to the depths of the ocean, symbolically with the subconscious, the deepest place where our deepest emotions and feelings inhabit.


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