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The Pendant of the Goddess Demeter, goddess of feelings, harvest and mother of Persephone, is born from the harvests and ripe wheat.

An exclusive jewel of limited edition made with ecological resin (the texture and hardness is very similar to amber) that contains within it a natural golden rose symbol of maternal love. A “charm” with a spike of ripe wheat, a crimp and a link chain, all made with gold plated in 18k silver. A real gift for a Demeter women.

Handicraft process

Demeter is a unique jewel designed in a sphere of eco resin, one of the most complex shapes to elaborate in this technique, carefully sanding and polishing by hand the surface to achieve a crystalline finish. We have also preserved the natural miniature rose that remains intact over time. Each Demeter jewel is unique as every woman is. The small imperfections are part of the artisan character of this piece.

  • Necklace


  • Metal

    gold filed 18k

  • Color


  • Long chain

    70cm / 30 inches

  • You will receive all our designs presented in a special gift box + postcard with the meaning + signature and dedication of the designers.
  • The piece you will receive may be slightly different from the images displayed, as it is made by hand and how nature itself there are no two equal.
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Woman Demeter

Maternal love, bond, feelings, nutrition, emotional.

The Demeter women are the “Mothers”. Women who feel deeply attached to their children. They are the love of their life and they feel adoration for them. They have a great maternal instinct to care, nurture and protect. They are defined as “women with their feet on the ground”. They always worry about everyone having what they need: a soup, a hug, a permanent invitation to “go home”. For them it is very important to be close to those they love, to be heard and to be able to share their feelings.


Demeter, also known as Ceres in Roman times, was venerated as the mother goddess of Persephone and abundant crops with a spike of ripe wheat. The myth of Demeter speaks about the deep bond between mothers and daughters. The love between Demeter and Persephone was so great that it made them inseparable. When Persephone was kidnapped by Hades, god of the underworld, Demeter sought her from all corners of the earth and stopped the seasons of the year in expression of her pain. Finally he found her with Hades and they agreed that Persephone would spend six months underground (autumn and winter) and six months with her mother making spring blossom.

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