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This magical pendant inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland contains inside a red rose, a parchment, microbeads and the key of transformation. Designed with a blown glass sphere and objects moving freely inside. Along the length of the chain there is included a charms of the tale, the white rabbit’s watch.

  • Large


  • Necklace


  • Metal

    antique bronze, free of nickel and lead

  • Colour

    Bronze and red

  • You will receive all our designs presented in a special gift box + postcard with the meaning + signature and dedication of the designers.
  • The piece you will receive may be slightly different from the images displayed, as it is made by hand and how nature itself there are no two equal.
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Alicia feels lost in the fork in the road, she doesn’t  know which direction to choose, but even roaming about she decides to take a path, facing the difficulties, the unknown and her own fears.

Alice falls into the hole of the unconscious and between the game and the experimentation discovers herself. There she finds the doors of the mind that can only be opened with the correct tool, they need a key. She sees the key but she needs to transform herself properly to be able to use it, and not just any transformation is useful. She can’t be very small or very large. She learns the game. Remanins within the mind learning it’s games. Finally gets to find the balance and walks out the door to a new world.


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