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From the contrast of spring and the journey to the underworld, the pendant of the Goddess Persephone, maiden and queen of the underworld, is born.

An exclusive jewel limited edition made with ecological resin (texture and hardness very similar to amber) that contains inside natural dandelions symbols of childhood and fragments of agate, white geode, calcite, crystals linked to this young Goddess. A “charm” symbol of spring, link and link chain made of sterling silver 925. A real gift for women Persephone or for those who want to connect with their wise inner girl.

Handmade process

Persephone is a unique jewel designed in a sphere of eco resin, one of the most complex forms to elaborate in this technique, carefully sanding and polishing by hand the surface to achieve a crystalline finish. Each Persephone jewel is unique as is every woman.

  • Metal

    sterling silver 925

  • Color

    white, blue transparent

  • Long chain

    50cm / 21 inches

  • You will receive all our designs presented in a special gift box + postcard with the meaning + signature and dedication of the designers.
  • The piece you will receive may be slightly different from the images displayed, as it is made by hand and how nature itself there are no two equal.
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Persephone Woman

Youth, seeker, original path, researcher of the underworld.

Persephone women are very connected to their inner maiden. They retain a young spirit, they are cheerful and sweet. When they descend to the underworld another aspect of them is manifested. They connect with their vulnerability, with intuition and can have visions or overwhelming experiences and experience a great internal evolution. When a Persephone woman has returned from the underworld and spring arrives she could become, for example, a therapist with a great capacity to help other people navigate in their depths.


Persephone, known as Proserpina or Cora in Roman times, was venerated as a young maiden and queen of the underworld. She was Demeter’s daughter and they were very close. She loved flowers and lived without worries playing with her friends. The myth of Persephone tells that she was kidnapped by Hades, god of the underworld, to be his girlfriend by force. On this trip to the underworld Persephone, she experiences personal growth and becomes queen of the underworld, being a guide for all those who visit her. Six months a year, Persephone returns to earth and spring and summer are produced.

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