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Personalize your Mystery Shell Candle with a secret message inside that the recipient will discover when you light the flame.

What does customization include?

Secret inscription engraved on the base of the shell (can be a word or a phrase / paragraph)
Essential oils (optional)
Candle decoration (optional)

* Make the purchase of this item and in the purchase note write your secret message and any request you want to make to us.

Artisanal and botanical aromatic candles with shell base support.
Vanilla, tangerine and cocoa essential oils.
100% vegetable wax. Ecological and natural.

The message inside is an inscription engraved on the shell and you can save it as a magic amulet once all the wax has been consumed.

Each shell can be slightly different in size and with a variety of floral confetti, they are completely handmade. No two are alike.
The decoration of the different candles can include: rose petals, cinnamon, wildflowers, lavender, minerals such as rose quartz, dandelion, moss, fern, sea crystals, shells and snails, glitter, charms.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Light the candles in a container with sand or similar so that the base of the shell is stable. When all the wax is melted you will be able to discover the message for you. If the candle has any decorative charm (a key for example) remove it before lighting the candle.

DURATION: Between 1-2 hours
Includes decorated gift box.

  • Material

    100% vegetable wax, seashell, botanical elements

  • Size

    60mm aprox.

  • You will receive all our designs presented in a special gift box + postcard with the meaning + signature and dedication of the designers.
  • The piece you will receive may be slightly different from the images displayed, as it is made by hand and how nature itself there are no two equal.
  • For more information about shipping, materials and care, go to FAQ.

We have created the Personalyzed Mystery Shell Candles with the intention that you leave a very special message to that person you love so much, who will discover it in a magical way and be forever engraved inside. Write that message that you want to touch the heart of the person who will receive it. Do you join us to the magic? 🙂


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