Spring Awakening

Posted on 30 May, 2017


The spring breathes throughout and you can feel it in the first buds, in the cherry trees, in the almond trees in bloom and the aroma of the flowers. Everything seems to prepare for the explosion of beauty and exuberance that is already looming.

We, also, following the rhythms of nature and its seasonal cycles, stripped ourselves of the lethargy of winter to open ourselves to life again in all its splendor and thus initiate a new cycle full of creative energy and regeneration.

Creativity, as well as the beginning of new projects and ideas, needs its rest times to re-bloom with the same freshness and intensity. Sometimes pushed by the flow of “doing” without realizing we remain immersed in our “internal noise” without allowing us to connect with our “inner peace” and listening to our body.

The “not doing” serenes and cleans our mind, the “not doing” allows us to penetrate into the silence of our “inner temple”, to release the old to let space for the new, like the leaves that fall in autumn to give way to the next that will come … and thus be reborn from the purest of our being of light.

We wish you a Happy spring awakening,

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