Myths and legends

The legend of the flower of the sun

Posted on 10 May, 2017
Myths and legends


Legend has it that thousands of years ago, the first inhabitants of the earth lived in total darkness, without Moon and without Sun and frightened by malevolent creatures that emerged from the darkness.
At the limit of their strength, the men addressed their prayers to the Goddess of Earth Hertha who at first seemed not to hear them, but they insisted so much that at last she attended to their prayers, and lighted their nights with a wonderful moon.
A moon that was alone in the firmament so it was always large round and luminous
The legend says that the men lived during the lunar hours and slept when the Moon was hidden because at that moment the monsters came back protected in the dark.
After a while, the men, desperate, requested again the help of the Goddess of the Earth.
Hertha, already very attentive to what happened in their domains, decided to create a more powerful, more resplendent star for the hours when the moon did not let itself see, THE GODDESS CREATED THE SUN.
It was so big, bright and emanated so much heat that men had to get accustomed to it little by little.
Their surprise and thanks were enormous when they found that, thanks to the heat and sunlight, plants and trees grew, and from the plants, colored flowers and fruit trees sprouted. And, even more importantly, geniuses and witches did not dare to appear while he was in the day sky and the moon in the night sky.
But the sun concealed the moon in some days, and on those moonless nights the demons returned with fury.
Humans were indecisive between locking themselves in their caverns during the nights of darkness, or again bothering their Goddess … and they returned.
This time they only needed something that during the nights when the Sun hid the Moon, remembered, the shape and color of the bright Astro to scare away the creatures of the shadows.
The goddess felt compassion for them again, and I created a flower imitating the sun, so perfect and so beautiful that, upon seeing it, the beings of the night fled in terror, thinking that it was the Sun itself.
That is the flower that in my land is called Carlina and more to the north in the Basque lands, everyone knows it as Eguzkilore (Flower of the Sun) that protects our houses of “evil spirits, witches, lamias, geniuses of the disease , The storm and the lightning.

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