The sea and its secrets

Posted on 30 May, 2017


A few days ago we went looking for some algae more for the new collections that we are preparing and we took advantage of the a sunny Sunday in order to go to find the multicolored variety of algae and plants that we collect.
There is a small fisherman’s cove, very close to where we live. There we find different species of algae, but you never know which you will find. If the sea is in calm there are usually a lot, but if there is a storm the sea brings many of its natural treasures on the shore. At home we dry them for a few weeks and then they are ready to be part of a pendant forever.

The ocean is a wonderful place, for its grandeur, for the beauty of its waters and for being the most unknown place on earth. It is the symbol of the universal versus the particular and is the source from which springs life according to a multitude of myths.
If you look closely the sea, if you can feel it … you can come to understand the cycles of birth and rebirth and understand that you are also part of it.

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